I'm in pain, but I understand the things you try to say
So if it's too late and I can't create a way to fix my mistakes
I'll be on my way to another state I won't stay another day
Just say the word and I'll be on the curve
Cause that's all that I deserve

Ooooh, Don't want nobody else but you
Ooooh, Won't settle for somebody new
Ooooh, Don't wanna live this life without you
Ooooh, I need you here with me right now

You ever wanted something so bad that you just can't have
You ever needed that one thing that's not in your grasp
Now it's you that I'm wanting and needing like that (Need you)
So baby do me this favor and come right on back to me

On my own, I'm not feeling strong, and I'm gonna stay alone
Cause moving on is not what I want, the thought of it feels so wrong
I call your phone, your never home and I'm tired of that ring back tone
Just speak to me so I can live the dream of being back in ur arms


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